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Welcome to our dedicated space on the interweb to share ideas and insights, tips & tricks. This is where we reach out and help one another to smarten up.

Here you will find developer’s stuff, but also insights from us working in project management, business analysis and communication within the open source world.

  • Printer

    Printing the web - in colors

    Surely you should be aware of the environment, but some things might still require to be put on a piece of paper. Most browsers do a lot out of the box to conserve the use of ink, which is good when your website is not optimized for printing, but not in this case. This blogpost is based on a recent project. One task was to build an event calendar to represent a lot of different data in colors and be printable as well.

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  • oauth billede

    What is OAuth?

    OAuth is an open standard for authorization, specifically designed to work with HTTP. It’s not an authentication protocol - although it’s sometimes used as such. For authentication you could use OpenID.

    OAuth deals with authorization of specific actions resources from one service to another. That could e.g. be access to content on your Facebook account, writing comments on your behalf, etc.

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  • debug billede

    PHP debugging tricks from the trenches

    This blogpost offers tips and tricks for debugging PHP applications. While I worked out the most of these tricks while doing Drupal-development with Phpstorm - the majority should be applicable for debugging most PHP-applications. Just ignore any mentions of "drush" and "Drupal" and you will be fine :)

    I’ll get to the tips in just a moment, but first a couple of extra tidbits I ended up writing while describing the tips, that you might find useful.

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  • statistik billede

    Giving your editors statistical insights about their content

    TL:DR The GA Summary module lets you display per page or user statistics. It defines an overall timespan and lets you pick which data to collect as aggregated data into Drupal. At the time of writing the module is still a sandbox - which means it is still subject to change before the version number settles.

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  • Swagger billede

    Using Swagger API

    Recently we needed to build a website for a client with the major functionality based on Drupal integrating with an API provided by the client. Our experience has taught us that this usually results in misconceptions, hidden bugs, delays, and refactoring. Add to the uncertainty that the API was not defined or implemented yet and had to expose functionality from and old mainframe based legacy system.

    So we looked to Swagger API (now the OpenAPI Specification) in our search for something to minimize the uncertainty and misconceptions.

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  • Drupal 8 billede

    Upgrading to Drupal 8


    I started developing Drupal sites since Drupal 4.6. Every time there has been a major release, the upgrade process has included pain and sweat, database updates, broken contributed modules, rewriting themes and long nights of work.

    Drupal 8 was released in November. We have been waiting for its release all too long. It took almost 5 years to reach the release date. The reason?

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  • docker billede


    We've been looking into using Docker for our development environments, there's a lot of advantages to using Docker to ensure environment consistency, not to speak of the advantages for production environments.

    But running Docker on OSX can be a tad anti-climatic if you run into some of the quirks of running Docker on OSX. For instance, running the official mysql image with /var/lib/mysql mounted from a OSX directory will fail due to file permissions issues.

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  • impact mapping billede

    How to solve communication problems

    One of the most common reasons why software projects fail today are due to misunderstood or poorly clarified requirements. Either because the business are not aware of the business goals they are trying to achieve or they fail to communicate them clearly so everyone on the team understands.

    The business stakeholders and the developers also each have their own professional terms and they need to get aligned to avoid misunderstandings and create a common language.

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